BISC Global

BISC Global

BISC Global was founded 4 years ago by an experienced team of bioinformaticians, statisticians and business leaders, with the goal of helping its customers to overcome their challenges in data-analysis, pipeline automation, visualization and compute environments. Besides recently joining the Hid-initiative at New West, BISC Global launched an online pipeline platform facilitating the transition from raw data to interpretable results.

Joining Hid New West

BISC Global loves the energy put into the Hid project. From the researcher to the valorisation manager, from individuals running proof of principle till the commercial roll-out team. Data analysis is inherent as a catalyst: “failing fast” in discovery , AI and ML to unravel unexplored relations and data validation. This connection of Sanquin with Big Data convinced BISC Global to join and expand Sanquin’s current data analysis skill set to create a shared future.

Online pipeline platform

BISC’s OP² is an online platform, enabling researchers to easily upload their data and run a wide range of bioinformatics analysis pipelines, without the need for any bioinformatics skills or infrastructure The initial platform is launched with 4 different analysis pipelines. One for bulk RNA-seq, one for single-cell RNA-seq, one for somatic variant calling and one for germline variant calling. More pipelines will be added to the platform in the coming weeks and months.

For more information visit the OP2 website.

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