Prothya Biosolutions

The headquarters of Prothya Biosolutions is located on the Hid site, as well as one of its production facilities. Prothya Biosolutions produces and exports a broad range of biopharmaceuticals for patients throughout the world. These medicines treat a broad range of disorders and life-threatening conditions. The plasma-based proteins help manage those with immunoglobulins for antibody therapies and bleeding in critical care settings.

Prothya Biosolutions’ mission is to provide quality blood-derived products to a growing market. The management team is committed to expanding Prothya Biosolutions’ international reach through innovation and investment. This mission aims to improve the products through life cycle management, expand the geographic reach to new markets across the globe, and increase the volume of manufactured products by leveraging scale and cost-savings for the benefit all Prothya Biosolutions’ patients.

The competitive international market

In recent years, takeovers and collaborations in the plasma world have led to the emergence of a number of very large, globally operating players. These achieved cost savings and a scale that a national plasma-derived medicine manufacturer such as Prothya Biosolutions cannot match. In order to maintain a plasma facility in the Netherlands, Prothya Biosolutions must therefore grow.

Prothya Biosolutions is rigorously pushing forward to meet these growth goals within the next 5 years. New products and higher yield processes are being developed at the facilities in Brussels and Amsterdam. With these facilities Prothya Biosolutions wants to meet global international standards of production volumes, efficiency, sustainability, and quality.
Also, Prothya Biosolutions is exploring expansion opportunities worldwide. It is through these various relationships and innovation that Prothya Biosolutions will be able to make its mark on the world stage.

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