BISC Global expands its Online Pipeline Platform (OP² ™)

OP² streamlines and automates the transition from raw data to interpretable results

Ghent, Belgium/August 1st, 2021/BISC Global, the bioinformatics consulting company, is expanding its OP² platform.

“More and more data are being generated and faster than ever before, which has led to data analysis becoming a significant bottleneck in molecular biology research. With the expansion of OP², we want to continue helping researchers remove this hurdle,” said Jan Ghyssaert, COO at BISC Global.

BISC’s OP² is an online platform, enabling researchers to easily upload their data and run a wide range of bioinformatics analysis pipelines without the need for bioinformatics skills or infrastructure. The initial platform debuted with 2 different analysis pipelines, one for bulk RNA-seq and one for single-cell RNA-seq. BISC Global added germline and somatic genomics pipelines providing an option for targeted, whole exome and whole genome analysis.

Our OP² genomics pipeline is a bioinformatics analysis workflow used for whole genome, whole-exome and targeted DNA sequencing data. It allows you to analyze your DNA sequencing data using this gold standard analysis pipeline. You get insights into the quality of your data, identify small to large nucleotide and structural variation and annotate with biological knowledge.

The workflow processes raw data from FastQ inputs, aligns the reads, calls variants and performs variant annotation. These results are made available to you via two interactive reports, and a data package with all essential intermediate files to perform more in-depth data analysis. The pre-processing workflow processes your raw sequence data until QC approved aligned data. Next, the post-processing workflow enables you to review the biological meaning of your data via data annotation.

Maarten Braspenning, CEO at BISC Global, continues, “We are very pleased with the expansion OP². This platform enables researchers, both in industry and academia, to analyse their sequence data at the touch of a button using a simple pay-per-sample model. By opening the platform to all researchers – regardless of their bioinformatics skills, servers or cloud infrastructure – OP² has proven that it becomes a lot easier and faster for researchers to analyse their data.”

Founded in 2017, BISC Global has grown to be a Top 10 Bioinformatics Consulting and Services Firm supporting world’s leading pharmaceutical and biotech companies. Through our offices in Ghent, Belgium; Basel, Switzerland; Boston, MA; and San Francisco, CA; BISC Global provides data-analytics, custom tool/pipeline development, and cloud solutions delivered on-site or remotely. By leveraging our global workforce of expert consultants, we support analysis across multiple domains, including machine learning (data mining, pattern recognition, image analysis, (un)supervised learning, neural networks, deep learning, etc.), bioinformatics (single-cell transcriptomics, metabolomics, metagenomics, epigenomics, etc.), and statistics (experimental design, mathematic modelling, signal-to-noise enhancement, and independent data cross validation).

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