Two know more than one

Starting a business raises hundreds of practical questions, large and small. Convenient links and addresses have been collected on this page.


Sanquinnovate is Sanquin’s exploitation arm, creating new value-adding products and services/assets to tackle challenges in the hematology, immunology and oncology.

Through top-notch scientific research, dedicated business development and project management Sanquinnovate strives to generate and further develop early ideas into meaningful therapeutics, blood products and diagnostics products for patients with unmet medical needs.

Want to know more about collaboration opportunities? Please contact Pieter de Geus, director of Sanquinnovate bv.


Giving healthcare entrepreneurs a flying start: that is what incubator HealthInc does. With hands-on mentoring and access to an extensive network of healthcare institutions, HealthInc helps start-ups access their potential markets and successfully scale up. Hid-resident Sanquin is a partner of  HealthInc.


In most cases, permits are issued through the Municipality of Amsterdam. It is responsible for issuing, for example, a building or renovation permit, use permit, advertising permit or event permit.

Information for foreign companies

Would you like to locate in the Hid in Amsterdam? If so, it would be useful for you to gather information on specific laws and regulations, visas and practical questions about staying and working in Amsterdam. Please contact Martijn de Boer of Amsterdam In Business.