Technology Transfer

Intellectual capital

Hid resident Sanquin has various active licensing options available for collaborations.

Sanquin is an internationally highly respected foundation with an excellent research division specializing in hematology, transfusion medicine, immunology and oncology. Sanquin applies this knowledge to the development and manufacturing of a range of pharmaceutical and diagnostic products and services. Its core activities also comprise the safe and efficient production and distribution of blood and plasma products for the treatment of patients. Sanquinnovate scouts, evaluates and advances fundamental and applied science towards translational science to create assets that are innovative and can be leveraged through partnering and new ventures. With more than 200 researchers and key opinion leaders working at Sanquin there is a wealth of technologies, research programs, tools and knowledge available

Want to know more about collaboration opportunities? Please contact Pieter de Geus, director of Sanquinnovate bv.