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Rogier van den Braak, ceo Sanquin Holding For questions about partnerships, other participation options and general affairs, please contact Rogier.
Rogier van den Braak
Anneke Grummel, quartermaster Hid For information about the development of the Hid and participation options, please contact Anneke.
Anneke Grummel
Geert Haksteen, quartermaster Hid For information about the Hid concept, master plan development and real estate, please contact Geert.
Geert Haksteen
Marlies Reurink, housing and real estate advisor For information on office- and meetingspace, contact Marlies.
Marlies Reurink
Sander Meijer, Manager Research For questions on researchfaciliteiten, please contact Sander.
Sander Meijer
Perry Verzaal, Executive Director Business Development For information about settling on, working with or investing in the Hid, please contact Perry.
Perry Verzaal
Rosan Sierhuis, Program Manager Campus Development Responsible for project and program management in relation to real estate and organizational development.
Rosan Sierhuis
Kim Dijkman, Projectemployee For questions about the website, communication and planned events, please contact Kim.
Kim Dijkman
Nawal Bahia El Idrissi, Director Strategy and Partnerships Contact Nawal for questions about partnerships and strategy related questions.
Nawal Bahia El Idrissi
Joep Mesman, Project employee Hid Please contact Joep with questions about the website, communication and planned events.
Joep Mesman