Research Facilities

Labs, equipment and workspace

To solve biological problems, a wide variety of techniques are combined and integrated. There are diagnostic labs, stem cell labs with GMP facility, and a plasma-derived medicines factory.

Research Facilities

Some of the necessary facilities are centralised within Hid resident Sanquin’s Research Facilities, where specially trained and dedicated operators make a variety of technologies available to individual researchers.
In addition to keeping the equipment and associated ICT resources operational, the operators are responsible for training researchers, guiding the design and execution of the experiments and carrying out specialist experiments for the researchers themselves.

In order to remain state-of-the-art, the platforms are linked to research groups, which collaborate with researchers from universities, research institutes, and life science companies. Check out the research groups.

The facilities are aimed at the visualisation (Imaging), identification (Flow Cytometry), and profiling (Next Generation Sequencing) of a wide variety of blood cells. And on identifying protein interactions in individual protein complexes (Protein-protein interactions) and at system-wide level (Mass Spectrometry). The data generated on the various platforms is stored and analysed integrally (Bioinformatics).

Clinical facilities

Important clinical facilities are the Laboratory for Cell Therapy (the LCT), where cellular products are produced and developed, and the National Screening Service (the NSS) where biological material is screened for blood groups and infectious diseases.

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