Wigard Kloosterman – CSO Frame Therapeutics

Frame attends congresses in Spring 2022

Frame Therapeutics’ Chief Scientific Officer Wigard Kloosterman will be speaking at different in person scientific conferences the upcoming months. From 26 – 28 April 2022 the 5th Neoantigen Summit Europe takes place in Amsterdam. This summit is dedicated to the robust prediction, identification, and validation of neoantigens to create truly individualized cancer therapeutics. Wigard Kloosterman will be presenting on the identification of Frame neoantigens to develop highly immunogenic cancer vaccines on Wednesday April 27. Find out more and register here.

From 16 – 20 May 2022, The Jackson Laboratory for Genomic Medicine will be organizing a Long-Read Sequencing workshop. Long-read sequencing technologies have emerged as powerful players in genomics over the last few years. Renowned speakers and expert users will share their experiences applying long-read sequencing in basic and translational genomic science and also explore the commonalities and differences in the current technologies. Wigard Kloosterman will talk about Frame’s disease research and clinical applications on Tuesday May 17. The event will be held live at JAX Genomic Medicine in Farmington (Connecticut, USA).