Half a million subsidy for expansion of laboratory and office space at Hid

From 2022, the New West Health & Innovation District (Hid) in Amsterdam will provide new laboratory and office space for companies in transfusion medicine, immunology, hematology and oncology. The need for office and lab space for these types of companies is great.

Founder of the Hid, Sanquin, and the municipality of Amsterdam wish to meet the demand for more laboratory and office space for the Life Sciences & Health sector. Part of the large-scale new construction on the site will be completed from 2024, but in the meantime one of the buildings will already be equipped with state-of-the-art laboratories.

The first companies have now established themselves on the Hid site in New West, including Sanagen, Frame Therapeutics, Zwiers Regulatory Consultancy, BISC Global, the International Plasma and Fractionated Association (IPFA) and Prothya Biosolutions.

Alderman Victor Everhardt of Amsterdam (Economic Affairs): “There is a great need for buildings with a combination of lab and office functions in the Amsterdam region. The development of new medicines, vaccines and diagnostics requires new spaces for research and production in the field of Life Sciences & Health. We therefore support this development with a subsidy of 500,000 euros.”

Rogier van den Braak, initiator of the Hid: “The Hid is a site for companies and organizations with a focus on transfusion medicine, hematology, oncology and immunology. The aim of the Hid is for parties to reinforce each other, from start-ups to corporates, from commercial single-players to renowned public institutes. With the aim of improving the lives of patients by developing innovative solutions for health problems.”

The building that is now being renovated, Sanquin’s old CDT building, will be the first Hid building in which entrepreneurs who need their own laboratories can establish themselves. These entrepreneurs can eventually grow into the new buildings within the Hid.