International pharma consortium invests in Hid resident Prothya Biosolutions

A group of international investors invested heavily in Prothya Biosolutions and its associated company Plasma Industries Belgium (PIBe). This will make growth and further market expansion possible, especially at a time when the market for plasma-derived medicines is growing rapidly. The transaction was completed on January 1, 2021.

Prothya Biosolutions (based at the New West Health & Innovation District in Amsterdam) and PIBe (Brussels, BE), use advanced biotechnology methods to make medicines from blood plasma. This market is growing strongly, so this is the time for Prothya Biosolutions to expand and achieve economies of scale.

International attraction

The consortium investing in Prothya Biosolutions and PIBe consists of a group of international investors with extensive experience in the biomedical sector and the marketing of plasma-derived products. These are BioSolutions LLC (plasma pharmaceuticals), Epstein Capital and Fortissimo Capital (growth capital), OBF investments (investment arm of one of the largest blood banks in the USA), and Mesola Inversiones S.L., a combination of pharmaceutical companies from Latin America and experts in plasma-derived pharmaceuticals. With their knowledge of the sector and the international market, Prothya Biosolutions can quickly make the necessary efficiency improvements and increase its market share outside the Netherlands.

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