Hid resident Prothya Biosolutions releases first batch of anti-corona plasma

In October 2020, Prothya Biosolutions released a medicine to combat the corona virus. In just three months, the convalescent plasma (containing antibodies to COVID-19) collected from ex-corona patients was tested and processed.

In the pharmaceutical world, this is extremely fast and is largely due to the infrastructure in the Health & Innovation District, where all the relevant partners are located.

Short lines thanks to Hid network

Several parties at the Hid were involved in the project. The Blood Bank searched and selected thousands of donors who, having tested positive for corona, donated their plasma. Sanquin Research developed tests to demonstrate the correct antibodies and Sanquin Diagnostics performed the measurements of the quantity of antibodies (the titre) in the donor plasma and the final product.
Prothya Biosolutions was then able to offer the agreed 4,000 vials of IVIG, enriched with antibodies against COVID-19, to client Hugo de Jonge, Minister of Health, Welfare and Sport.

Clinical study

It is not yet known exactly how and for whom this enriched IVIG can best be used. The results of the clinical study of corona patients, set up by the international Plasma Alliance, are expected by the end of this year or early 2021 at the earliest. Thereafter, the Alliance can apply for the official registration of the medicine and Prothya Biosolutions can also use the clinical data.

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