New state-of-the-art laboratory facilities available at Sanquin in October 2022

Renovations are underway at the Hid! The CDT building will undergo a transformation in the coming months. The building is to house new state-of-the-art laboratories and workspaces. Work will be completed at the beginning of October, and new tenants will already be moving in from September.

Sanquin is currently developing the Health & Innovation District (Hid) around its existing headquarters on Plesmanlaan in Amsterdam. The Hid is home to a mix of large and small businesses active in the fields of transfusion medicine, oncology, immunology, and haematology. Together, they work to develop real-world applications for scientific research, making healthcare better and more affordable for people around the world.

Regional innovation
The renovations were made possible with funding from the City of Amsterdam. They represent an important step toward addressing the current shortage of laboratory space for life sciences companies. The new facilities will enable the Hid to foster innovation and collaboration throughout the region.

Work is being carried out by Kuijpers, a leading technical services provider with extensive expertise in the field of controlled environments. Kuijpers has designed and built a variety of world-class cleanrooms and advanced laboratory facilities. “This project, while highly rewarding, also presented us with a major challenge due to the short lead time between the initial planning phase in January and the project’s completion in October,” says Maarten de Jong, project manager for Kuijpers. “Thanks to our ample experience working on complex pharmaceutical design-and-build projects, we’re able to support Sanquin through the challenging design phase while simultaneously starting work on the laboratories, offices, and meeting rooms.”

Rogier van den Braak, managing director of Sanquin Health Solutions and driving force behind the Hid, is enthusiastic about the partnership with Kuijpers. “Kuijpers was the best choice for equipping this building with high-quality laboratories. The resulting mix of office space and laboratory space is what makes the Hid so attractive for start-ups and scale-ups on the cutting edge of health and innovation.”

Laboratory space available
Level ML2 will feature around 1000 square metres of fully customisable laboratory space. Standard layouts are also available. There will also be plenty of flexible workspaces, meeting rooms, and a shared central kitchenette/meeting area. While some of the new workspaces have already been leased, there is still space available for new Hid partners starting in October. For more information, please contact Rogier van den Braak at