New West Health & Innovation District (HID) welcomes OLVG Lab BV!

OLVG Lab is focussing on three laboratory disciplines: Clinical chemistry, medical microbiology and pathology all in one organisation. OLVG Lab provides diagnostics for hospitals, clinics and primary care in the greater Amsterdam area. In collaboration with Sanquin Diagnostics, in OLVG Sanquin Labcombination, special diagnostics are offered nationwide behind one front door.

Part of our so-called CDT building is refurbished for the arrival of the pathology department of OLVG Lab and meets all necessary laboratory requirements. The innovative new process design (highly automated and robotised) will first be validated from the last quarter of 2022 and then put into use.

Rogier van den Braak, initiator of the HID, gives a warm welcome to the OLVG Lab. “We hope that the people from the OLVG Lab will soon feel at ease. The building still has room for a number of other organizations that need laboratory space and facilities.

Are you interested? Check out our website or send an email to: