Hid offers a variety of facilities for tenants to utilize. Residents and visitors of Hid meet daily at one of our facilities! We regularly host social gatherings and networking events that are open to everyone. These events are communicated through the Hid newsletter. To subscribe, send an email to the Facility Service Center at

Landlord and Manager

Sanquin Real Estate B.V. and Sanquin Property & Services B.V. (referred to as Property & Services) are part of Sanquin Health Solutions B.V. Sanquin Real Estate B.V. is the landlord of the buildings on the Hid premises, and Property & Services manages them, providing various services. Property & Services is ISO 9001 certified. The products and services comply with Sanquin and Hid policy frameworks and meet legal regulations. Property & Services aims to set a good example in sustainable business operations and socially responsible purchasing, always considering innovative or circular products and services in collaboration with businesses. Examples include employing people with a distance to the labor market and recycling waste.

Campus Opening Hours

Hid is accessible 24/7 for its residents. Visitors are welcome on weekdays between 08:00 and 18:00, with some exceptions.

Contact Information

Facility Service Center: +31 20 512 1234

Reception & Security: +31 20 512 3333

ICT Service Center: +31 20 800 3152

Safety, Health & Environment: +31 20 512 1476

For Fire & Accidents: +31 20 512 3222

Hid Campus Map

Hid Campus Map

Smoking Policy

Hid is a smoke-free campus. There is only one designated smoking area: the shelter by the parking garage. While the bicycle path on Plesmanlaan and the side near Building U seem to be public areas, groups of smokers do not set a good example for our campus. This concerns not only the image projected to donors, visitors, or neighbors but also to colleagues and other campus residents. In summary, please be considerate of donors, visitors, the neighborhood, and colleagues by smoking only in the designated area: the shelter by the parking garage.