Daily Operations and Support Services


Campus Service Property & Services is responsible for cleaning, window washing, replenishing sanitary supplies, and emptying waste bins in common areas. The quality of the contracted cleaning company is tested according to NEN2075 (VSR inspections). Additional Service It is possible to request cleaning or (extra) window washing for your rented spaces. This can be for regular or occasional requests. Whether it’s a lab or an office, our cleaning partner is also certified for cleanroom cleaning. Service Now: “Request Cleaning”

Pest Control

Campus Service We are responsible for pest control in and around the campus. We provide preventive visits and schedule corrective visits when necessary. Service Now: “Request Pest Control”

Coffee Pantries

Campus Service Most pantries have a coffee machine and a dishwasher. The coffee machine offers a wide selection of tea and coffee, and in most cases, chilled water is also available. All campus residents receive their own mug. New employees can pick up a campus mug when collecting their access pass. Everyone is responsible for keeping their own dishes clean. For this, the pantry facilities can be used. In areas with many visitors, including the meeting center (B2), there are mugs for general use. Malfunctions in these facilities can be reported in Service Now. Service Now: “Report Facility Issue”

Personal Clothing

Additional Service Property & Services can help with a uniform, professional appearance through clothing. It is also possible to have a company logo embroidered to ensure your company stands out. Our team will find a lab coat that meets your needs and quality standards. We can also handle the washing, regardless of whether the lab coat was provided by us or purchased independently. Service Now: “Submit Facility Request”

Safety & Security

There is 24-hour security on the campus, consisting of a mix of personnel and technical provisions. The security officer conducts a fire and lock check every evening, ensuring all windows and doors are closed. Security coverage is from 16:00 to 08:00 on weekdays and all day on weekends. Our reception provides a welcoming reception, handles incoming calls, and activates the emergency response organization in case of an emergency. They are available on weekdays from 07:30 to 16:30. In case of emergencies, you can call 020-512 3222. Reception & security can be reached via 020-512 3000.

Non-Hazardous Waste

Separating regular waste is an important step to reduce the amount of residual waste and recycle materials. On the campus, it is essential to separate different types of waste, such as vegetable, fruit, and garden waste (GFT), paper, glass, plastic, and residual waste. Collection bins for separated waste are located at central points in the buildings. Regular waste is collected according to a standard schedule. Collection points for paper and large items of residual waste are located throughout the campus. Glass and other waste can be delivered to the environmental area (M036) between 13:00 and 15:00. In office spaces, trash bins are not provided, but collection columns are placed in common areas to ensure separated waste collection. Additional Service It is possible to drop off old devices at the environmental area. For larger devices, you can make a request in Service Now so our environmental area staff can assist you. Fees may be charged for the disposal of devices. Service Now: “Request Waste Disposal”


Additional Service It is possible to route your mail through us. Incoming mail is bundled and prepared for easy pickup, and packages are delivered to your rented space once a day. Outgoing mail and packages submitted before 14:30 are sent the same day. The mailroom is located in H004 and is open from 07:00 to 15:30. Service Now: “Submit Facility Request”


Additional Service We offer repro services from the mailroom, including laminating and binding documents. For bulk mailings, you can visit the mailroom. Service Now: “Request Laminating or Binding”


Property & Services is responsible for signage in common areas and room/nameplates. You can request a nameplate adjustment, which will be done at no cost.* *For adjustments of more than 10 nameplates, costs will be charged to the campus resident. Additional Service For personalized signage, such as directional signs to your rented space, stickers, window films, and facade advertisements. Service Now: “Request Signage/Wayfinding”

Glassware Washing

Additional Service The campus also has a glassware washing service where your glassware can be cleaned according to required specifications. Service Now: “Submit Facility Request”

Space Modifications

Additional Service If you decide to modify or renovate a space, we can support you in various ways. If you choose to carry out the work with a contractor not provided by us, you must discuss

the plans with our Asset Management team beforehand. This is due to the need to keep as-built drawings and technical installations up-to-date. The Asset Management team also has any necessary drawings. Service Now: “Request Building Modification”