General Facility and Service Information


Facility & Technical Management

Property & Services is responsible for the facility and technical management of the buildings. This PDC includes products and services that can be provided. These services are divided into the following categories:

1. Campus service (mandatory based on the rented square meters)

2. Additional service (optional) Each product and/or service is indicated under its respective category.

Service Overview

ServiceCampus ServiceAdditional Service
Cleaning of common areas 
Cleaning of rented spaces 
Cleanroom cleaning 
Window cleaning
Sanitary consumables
Pest control 
Maintenance of campus grounds 
De-icing of campus grounds 
Restaurant Pelidome
Catering on request 
Vending machines 
Coffee machines (incl. tea, hot & cold water) 
Event service 
Meeting rooms
Personal clothing 
Flower bouquets 
Indoor plants for common areas
Indoor plants for rented spaces 
Outdoor landscaping for campus grounds 
Facility Service Center 
Waste disposal
SZA containers 
Fruit baskets 
Glassware washing 
Access control 
Space modifications 
Workspace setup 
Moving services 
Technical: Issue resolution 
Technical: Maintenance service 
Technical: Project management 
Installation management: Special utilities 
Installation management: Equipment management 
Building and space management 
Housing advice 
Emergency response team

Specific agreements may exist between clients and campus service providers. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact your customer manager!

In and Around the Campus Grounds

Property & Services is responsible for maintaining everything around the campus grounds. We ensure a clean and litter-free area, maintain entrance mats, take care of the plants in common areas, and manage the greenery around and on the campus. Additionally, we are responsible for de-icing and preventive salting.

Access Control

The campus is accessible with an access pass. You can request this at the Facility Service Center. A photo is required on this pass, and the Facility Service Center will invite you to E123 to take a photo. Wearing your access pass is mandatory on the campus. If you do not have your access pass with you, you may not be able to open all doors within the campus. Always ensure you have your pass to avoid inconvenience and access restrictions. Important information is listed on the back of all access passes in case of an emergency. Registered visitors receive a visitor pass upon arrival. For more information about visitors, see Visitors. 


We take care of the plants in the common areas of the campus, so there is no need to water them. We also maintain the gardens around the campus.

Additional Service Having plants in your rented space is optional. It is possible to have plants and/ or flowers delivered by us, but you can also bring your own plants. In both cases, maintenance can be provided by us. Service Now: “Submit Facility Request”