Sanquin Property & Services at the Campus



This product and service catalog (PDC) contains descriptions of the facilities and services offered by Property & Services on the campus. Our PDC is a dynamic document where products and services are added and updated. The PDC was created with input from our facility experts. We are pleased to guide you through our range of products and services!

Facility Service Center

The Facility Service Center is the (digital) entry point for all campus residents for requests and reports regarding all Property & Services products and services. They can assist you with all requests and provide you with the correct status of your report. The Facility Service Center can be reached at:

Service Now, the Self-Service Portal

Almost everything Property & Services offers can be requested via Service Now. You can also report issues you encounter in common areas, such as a broken coffee machine or a contaminated floor. Under each highlighted service, we have listed the name in Service Now so you can easily find it. If you have any questions, please contact the Facility Service Center.