Technical and Specialized Services


Campus Service Property & Services is responsible for technical building maintenance. This includes management, preventive and corrective maintenance of climate control systems, elevators, sanitary installations, sprinkler systems, fire extinguishers, building management systems, fire alarm systems, and routine daily maintenance. Service Now: “Report Facility Issue” Additional Service We can also provide maintenance and management for your own equipment. This can be done preventively or correctively. For many devices, it is possible to resolve acute malfunctions by our team, and where not possible, we will work with you to find a suitable solution. Service Now: “Submit Facility Issue”

Maintenance Service

Additional Service You can connect your devices to our fault reporting service. This means that when your device has a malfunction, our maintenance service staff, available 24/7, will handle the report according to the pre-agreed procedure. Service Now: “Submit Facility Request”


Additional Service Our experienced team can handle the calibration of your devices. We offer various calibrations, conducted according to ISO17025. Service Now: “Submit Facility Request”

Project Management

Additional Service Property & Services has a team of experienced project managers, each specialized in a specific area. They will support, advise, share knowledge, and assist you throughout the entire project. You can also approach them for smaller advice. Service Now: “Submit Facility Request”

Installation Management: Special Utilities

Additional Service Various special utilities are available on the campus grounds, such as compressed air, vacuum, medical gases, and demineralized water. Property & Services can connect your lab to the required utility. These connections are also maintained by Property & Services. Service Now: “Submit Facility Request”


Additional Service When you have (small) tasks that need to be done, you can use our Handyman service. This includes hanging items, assembling furniture, etc. Service Now: “Submit Facility Request”


Campus Service A standard secure network is available on the campus, accessible wirelessly with a password or wired via LAN. Campus residents are assigned their own network segment(s) (VLANs). Within their segment, residents are free to connect their own equipment. Communication to other segments is blocked by default, but internet access is possible. IT equipment malfunctions, such as a copier, can be reported to the ICT Service Center. Service Now: “Report ICT Issue”Additional Service If you require an upgrade, the Sanquin ICT team can support you. This includes NAC connection, VPN, or a dedicated internet connection combined with Housing (placing your own equipment in an ICT SER room). A full description of ICT services can be found in the campus PDC Concern Staff ICT (5.2). Service Now: “Submit ICT Request”

Emergency Response Team

Campus Service The campus has an active emergency response team (BHV). Regular meetings are held to share the evacuation plan, and you are welcome to join. For medium-sized companies, we ask the tenant to provide an emergency responder to cover the emergency area.