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Located in the strategic and accessible location of Amsterdam, Hid takes advantage of an excellent transportation network and proximity to Schiphol Airport. This facilitates the effortless movement of companies, researchers, and healthcare professionals from around the globe.

Amsterdam is renowned for its rich educational and research environment. Numerous universities, research institutes, and the European Medicines Agency (EMA) are situated within the city, creating an ideal knowledge and business climate for your venture.

Hid is part of the De Plantijn city district in Amsterdam Nieuw-West. This neighborhood is a collaborative venture between Sanquin, Antoni van Leeuwenhoek, Cordaan, and Centrum voor Zorg Slotervaart, aiming to seamlessly combine care, research, living, and education. Situated within the broader Schinkelkwartier, which bridges Amsterdam New West and South, De Plantijn is evolving to be a balanced mix of residential, healthcare, and educational facilities.

The involved entities, under the umbrella of the Plantijn Foundation, have developed a comprehensive plan in alignment with the city's guidelines, emphasizing green spaces and efficient infrastructure. This is all set against the backdrop of significant landmarks, including the Nieuwe Meer, Amsterdam forest, Zuidas, and Schiphol Airport.


As a visitor to an institution or company within De Plantijn, you can park in the parking area or in the on-site parking building. All parking places are paid parking spaces.

Car park

You will find the park area and parking building from the entrance on Plesmanlaan after 200 metres on the right and from the entrance on Louwesweg after 500 metres on the left. When you enter the car park, this is also clearly indicated on the signs.

The address of the car park and the parking building is Louwesweg 12.

Parking rate

The rate is €2.20 per hour for the first hour. After that, €0.55 per 15 minutes. The first 15 minutes are free.


Rogier van den braak

Managing Director
Contact Rogier for questions about partnerships, other participation options and general affairs

Marlies reurink

Project manager Real estate development
Contact Marlies for information about the new real estate development

Elien Daggenvoorde

Advisor Housing & Real Estate
Contact Elien for information about setteling at Hid (labspaces and offices)

Naomie voss

Client manager
Contact Naomie for any facility inquiries

Anouk wagenaar

Manager Education & Events
Contact Anouk for questions or inquiries for events

Kim dijkman

Project employee
Contact Kim for questions about the website, communication and planned events

JOep mesman

Project employee
Contact Joep for questions about the website, communication and planned events


Plesmanlaan 125
1066 CX