With our unique focus in Red Biotech the Hid aims to address societal challenges and improve patients’ lives. The organization contributes to this mission by supporting innovators in accelerating their solutions for patients and society, thereby creating a significant impact. The Hid achieves this by providing innovators access to its network, research and development facilities, regulatory, intellectual property (IP) and fundraising expertise, and by sharing this knowledge. By placing connection, collaboration, and innovation at the forefront, Hid encourages progress in health.

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The robust R&D capabilities within our ecosystem across diverse research disciplines are a direct result of the historic proficiency from Sanquin research and the blood bank, both of which are prominently located on the Hid. Additionally, the campus boasts a strategic location in close vicinity to the Netherlands Cancer Institute, Schiphol Airport, and the European Medicines Agency. This provides an invaluable gateway for businesses and startups, potentially catalyzing the successful growth of your company.

With a dynamic community of over 2,000 PhD students, biochemists, researchers, lab technicians, professors, and other professionals specialized in production, up-scaling, clinical studies, and regulatory affairs, the Hid stands as a hub of innovation. It is here that a new wave of patient-centric solutions is being conceptualized and realized.