Our expertise in the red biotech fosters the development of groundbreaking solutions in life sciences. We provide access to a wide range of expertise, supporting the innovation process. Hid is also in the process of developing a tailor made acceleration program designed to expedite growth by connecting residents with investors and industry experts. This further enhances the capacity for research, propelling progress in the health sector, addressing societal challenges, and improving patient outcomes.

Within the Hid, start-up entrepreneurs are offered support in various ways. From advice on issues such as patenting and knowledge transfer, to practical support in the field of housing and access to facilities and investors.

Helping in the legal, financial and funding challenges

Hid offers comprehensive assistance to address challenges of start- and scale ups. We provide access to valuable resources and expertise for commercial and legal support. Moreover, we connect residents with investment opportunities, angel investors, and expert advice. Our network of professionals can help answer questions and guide residents to suitable partners for various needs.

Our innovation partners