Connecting through shared facilities & events

At the Hid we believe that connecting people is key in stimulating innovative ideas that can solve our societal challenges. At the Hid we build an ecosystem housing complementary start - or scale ups. Campus residents are not only embedded in a conducive environment for learning but also can leverage existing research activities through the extensive knowledge resources and support available. Hid promotes a culture where knowledge transfer and collaboration are not just encouraged but are the norm. This is further demonstrated through initiatives such as the shared Facility for research & development and events.

Facility & services

At the Hid, our emphasis goes beyond offering space. We're structured to enhance your innovation journey right through to upscaling. Our facilities are top-notch, backed by the rich expertise inherited from Sanquin. As part of our services, members gain access to a wealth of knowledge and practical experience. This blend of advanced infrastructure and shared wisdom ensures our campus residents have everything they need to progress effectively.

Tailor made laboratories

We offer state-of-the-art laboratories, clean rooms, and production facilities to meet every innovator's needs. You can opt between casco and turnkey interiors. Beyond lab spaces, we provide adaptable office solutions, including flex spaces.

NEXT level service

We handle equipment maintenance and replacement, allowing our residents to focus on their innovative projects. Our skilled operators train researchers and aid in experiment design. Additionally, we offer ICT, data security, and legal support services.

unique infrastructure

At the Hid we offer our infrastructure in our diagnostic labs, stem cell labs with our GMP facility and access to partners that have a plasma-derived medicines factory. With offering our residents access to high quality equipment and our expertise our goal is to contribute to accelerating innovations towards the market and patients.