Supporting collaboration

The Hid is an ecosystem existing of health organizations working on solutions for patients. The Hid has been a magnet for talented researchers, innovators and other healthcare professionals for years. High quality research, complex diagnostics, and drugs and therapies are developed and produced here. 

It is precisely here, on this square kilometer in Amsterdam Nieuw-West, where scientific medical research and patient treatment coexist, with neighbors such as the NKI / Antoni van Leeuwenhoek hospital and the former Slotervaart hospital.

For life

Sanquin provides safe and efficient production and supply of plasma and blood and cell products for the treatment of patients. It does that with the help of 400.000 blood and plasma donors in the Netherlands. In addition, Sanquin offers groundbreaking scientific research and education with a focus on transfusion medicine, hematology, oncology and immunology.

Advancing Healthcare Through

Cutting-Edge Diagnostics, Research, and Pharma Partnerships SHS offers complex diagnostic services and high quality research and education with a focus on transfusion medicine, hematology, oncology and immunology. Pharma & Biotech Services, part of SHS, is a partner for co-development and drug development from discovery and mode-of-action studies to measuring clinical samples in phase IV.

Pioneering Diagnostics

Mitsui Chemicals joined the Hid to collaborate with startups, businesses, and institutions in translating scientific research into practical applications for global health- care improvements. Mitsui aims to innovate in diagnostics by utilizing Hid’s state-of-the-art lab facilities and partnering with experts in the field.

Unlocking Innovation in Drug Development for Regulatory Success

3D-PharmXchange is a Dutch drug development company that partners with you to provide expertise ranging from small molecules and repurposed drug products to ATMPs and oligonucleotides. We help you in asking the right questions once you identify a lead candidate and lead your development programs toward regulatory approval.

Empowering Cervical Cancer Screening and Prevention with Molecular Assays

Self-screen B.V. is expert in HPV related assay development and translational research. Our main focus is on cervical (pre)cancer screening and prevention by full molecular testing, supporting clinicians in effective management of women with high-grade CIN. Our HPV screening (HPV- Risk Assay/ QIAscreen) and methylation tests (PreCursorM+/ QIAsure Methylation Test) are clinically validated IVD assays for screening and triage respectively.

Pioneering Diagnostic Excellence in Greater Amsterdam and Beyond

OLVG Lab is the leading laboratory of Greater Amsterdam and the surrounding areas, combining the three laboratory disciplines of clinical chemistry, medical microbiology, and pathology in one organization. They provide diagnostic services to hospitals, clinics, and primary care. In collaboration with Sanquin Diagnostics, the OLVG Lab offers specialized diagnostics nationwide. While waiting for the new construction
of a central laboratory for OLVG Lab on the OLVG West site, which is scheduled for completion in 2024, the pathology department with approximately 100 employees will be entirely housed at Hid.

Revolutionizing Clinical Diagnostics with Next- Generation Bioluminescence Immunoassays

LUMABS BV develops Next- Generation immunoassays for clinical diagnostic applications. LUMABS BV
is the first Bioluminescence diagnostic company with its proprietary Next-Generation bioluminescence- based homogenous immunoassay platform supporting quantitative,highly sensitive and rapid one-step biomolecule quantification in complex human samples that will revolutionize the way clinical diagnostic is performed.

Transforming Lives through with Gene Therapy

SanaGen focuses on gene therapy approaches for rare genetic disorders like rare bleeding disorders and other debilitating diseases which can provide a durable, even life-long cure.

The goal is to develop gene therapy treatments not just for the developed world, but all the world’s patients.

Blood Grouping and Specialized Protein Diagnostics

Essange Reagents develops and produces reagents and equipment for blood grouping and specific plasma proteins (IgG subclasses, cytokines, CD monoclonals).The reagents are for in vitro diagnostic (IVD) use or for research use only (RUO). We offer OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) assays and antibodies for companies in the diagnostics industry so that they can benefit from our expertises.

Empowering Health Insights through Preventive Testing and Personalized Reports

Direct Diagnostics provides insight into health through preventive health tests. Results are shared via a secure eHealth platform. Users receive a comprehensive personalized report explaining the test results and personalized recommendations to know what they can do to improve, maintain or protect their health.

Colorectal Cancer Screening with Next- Generation mt FIT Test

CRCbioscreen is dedicated to developing a unique next generation stool test that is cost-effective and well-suited for population-based colorectal cancer screening. This next- generation test, called mt FIT, has improved sensitivity for high-risk precursor lesions while maintaining the low false- positive rates of the current FIT.

Empowering Lives through High-Quality Plasma-Derived Medicines Prothya Biosolutions provides patients and

Prothya Biosolutions provides patients and healthcare organizations worldwide with high- quality plasma-derived medicines and services. Our medicines save and improve lives of people who are dependent on therapies from plasma proteins. That’s why our over a thousand employees take great satisfaction, every day, in going
the extra mile to sustaining and transforming the lives of patients.

Your Trusted Partner for Regulatory Affairs and (Pharmaco) Vigilance Solutions

Zwiers is a consultant in Regulatory Affairs and (Pharmaco) Vigilance. For drugs and medical devices, throughout the entire life cycle. We support your development to obtain market approval following health authority requirements while looking for new opportunities. Zwiers is with 30+ dedicated professionals, located in Oss and Amsterdam, and part of the Product Life Group.

Paving the Path to a Cure for ALS and Neurodegenerative Diseases

Treeway is a clinical-stage biotechnology company with a mission to develop therapies aimed at curing ALS and other neurodegenerative diseases. Founded in 2021 by two ALS patients, the company is deeply committed to developing the neurodegenerative disease drugs of tomorrow. This patient-inspired approach serves as the cornerstone of our therapy development.


Onicor specializes in custom-fitted prostheses to enhance drug delivery for nail diseases such as Onychomycosis. Our team, skilled in drug development, bio-engineering, and mycology, employs a patient-centered approach focused on convenience to boost treatment adherence and real-world outcomes.

Secure Your ideas and Innovations

AOMB protects your ideas and inventions. Our patent attorneys are experts in the fields of life sciences, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, chemistry, software, engineering and physics. We also protect your trademarks, designs and plant breeders' rights. AOMB has offices in The Hague, Arnhem, Utrecht, Eindhoven, Sittard-Geleen, Maastricht…and now also Amsterdam.

Advancing Solid Tumor Immunotherapy Through Targeted Vaccine Development

CimCure is at the forefront of cancer immunotherapy for solid tumors, developing innovative vaccines that target tumor blood vessels. This strategy effectively starves the tumor. Their unique approach not only provides a potent treatment for various stages of cancer but also ensures long-term safety and efficacy. By focusing on the tumor's blood vessels, CimCure's vaccines facilitate anti-cancer immunity, opening up new possibilities in the fight against cancer.

Fundraising for
Life Science Pioneers

Ensemblate specializes in early-stage fundraising for bold founders developing life science innovations with a positive impact on people and planet. Through our highly personalized fundraising campaigns, we ensure that founders meet potential investors more frequently, more confidently and ultimately become more successful in their fundraising endeavours.

Uniting Not-for-Profit Plasma Collectors and Manufacturers

IPFA is an international association representing organisations engaged in the collection of plasma and its fractionation into plasma-derived medicinal products. Our members are from the not-tor-profit sector and represent blood establishments collecting plasma and manufacturers producing the plasma products. We work with many stakeholders and arrange events related to our field